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It's been a month already?!

Hello again! I’m so glad you’re here. This month has been an absolute whirlwind!            Every year, UTD hosts welcome week events where we have the opportunity to reach out to students fairly easily, and to host events at residence halls to get freshmen plugged into our FOCUS community. With almost everything being online this year, this meant we had to be more creative with how we were going to reach students. Starting mid-August, we began hosting virtual events and personally inviting people on social media, as well as getting our name out there through sponsored ads. It has surprised me how open students have been to befriending strangers via media platforms, and how eager they are to connect and make friends on campus.  This is during a livestream, where we talked about "How to Make the Most of College"           God has been so good in leading us to students and leading students to us, that we have been able to start up our small groups! Through our online cores, we

And this is how it starts!

Hi friends, welcome to my first ever ministry blog! I am so excited that you would take some time to read through and experience this chaotic of an update (as you shall soon see), so let’s get started!             If someone would have told me five years ago that right after I graduated college I would choose to spend a year being a campus missionary, I would have NEVER believed them. Even throughout this first week of the apprenticeship, there have been several moments where I have sat in disbelief at how good God has been to me, and how all of my life has led to this very moment. These are some of the apprentices for this school year! I am overjoyed that I get to spend the next year learning alongside them.           As of August first, the apprenticeship has officially begun, and what a start we have had! The past 9 days have gone by rapidly and so much has happened, so I will do my best to summarize. We have begun our first apprentice class over the Old Testament! So far, we have