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His mercies are new every morning!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my ministry update email! I hope each of you has been getting enough vitamin D, I know I have definitely been missing the sun lately here in DFW. This past month has been a very blessed one! I can see God moving in many ways through many different people and it is an honor to get to share that with you all! This month, I started up a yarn club that meets every couple of Sundays to crochet and knit together and it has been so fun! Even though we have only had a couple of meetings so far, there is so much interest on behalf of the students to learn and at our first meeting, three girls started learning how to crochet! With FOCUS being a fairly large student organization, it has been neat seeing friendships start to form among girls who don’t usually get to interact with one another at larger group gatherings. These past couple of weeks, I have met a couple of girls who are not in FOCUS that are interested in Yarn Club, so I’m hoping that this can be a u

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