How Great Thou Art!

Happy New Year everyone! This year was an interesting one, and I am so thankful to have you each on my team during this unique season of campus ministry.

My peer team met up before the break for a Christmas party!

        This month the apprentices took a Holy Spirit class! It was neat to learn about who the Holy Spirit is (I didn’t really have much background knowledge on him). Through our class discussions, we were able to talk about how present and active the Holy Spirit is, and how we can join where he is moving. Taking this class got me asking many questions. I am so excited to learn more about God in our classes this coming semester!

We went to six flags as an apprentice group. I was definitely peer pressured to get on those huge rides, but I regret nothing!

        I had the opportunity to preach two sermons this month! One of them was during a preaching workshop, where me and a couple other apprentices prepared a sermon to present in front of Sirak, a FOCUS director at Richland College, and Bill Watson, a theology professor and lead pastor of a church in Dallas. During the workshop, I spoke over a passage in Jeremiah and got verbal feedback that was super helpful to grow me as a preacher.

Here is my preaching workshop group! We had so much fun by learning from each other.

        The second sermon we as apprentices got to give was in front of the whole FOCUS staff! They  gathered from across the DFW metroplex to hear us speak on how we have personally experienced God in our lives. While talking to another apprentice, we both realized how easy it is to forget how good God has already been to us. While writing and delivering my gospel sermon, I felt the Lord holding my hand as I pieced together moments of my life that I know He was working powerfully. I was encouraged in reflecting on how God had used different people to bring me closer to him, and it has motivated me to allow God to use me in the lives of others.

        In listening to the other apprentices’ sermons, I was blown away by how powerful our stories proclaim the good news of God. In each one of their lives, the Lord found them where they were and showed them his goodness even in the most hopeless of situations. I would love to challenge you to take a step back and ponder on these questions: How have you seen God work in your life? What are some moments where you felt God moving the most? Who has God used in your life to point you towards him?

Here are some of the apprentices giving their sermons!

        Nearing our break, the staff hosted an end of year party, where we talked about how we had been blessed by God through FOCUS in 2020. Words can’t describe what an immense blessing it is to be a part of a team where people truly care about one another with the love of Jesus. In this difficult year, I know God put me on this staff to show me that he is not done with me yet, and that he has so much more to teach me. God is such a show off!

Each one of the apprentices got a stocking full of cards from people across the ministry, it was so sweet!

        For the break, I was able to go home to San Antonio and spend some lovely time with my family! We celebrated the holidays together and enjoyed some good gifts from God in the form of quality time, yummy food, and sweet conversations. I hope that you also had a sweet holiday season full of love and joy. As we take in this new year, I pray that God blesses you and your loved ones with endurance and hope to make the most of it!

My dad, brother and I celebrating the new year!

Prayer Requests:

  • Our students! During breaks, it can be extremely easy to fall back into old habits or bad disciplines, so please pray that God moves powerfully in their hearts as we begin this new semester. Also for those students who we will reach out to this semester, that their hearts be receptive to God, whether that be through our ministry or in another way!

  • Our student leaders! That we as a staff are able to guide them in their spiritual and emotional needs this semester, and that we can encourage them to work hard for the Lord. Please pray that they are able to balance their school work, jobs, extracurricular activities, and ministry!

  • Our ministry! As FOCUS continues to grow, please pray that we are wise in stewarding our resources well. That we continue to stick to the values God has placed on our hearts as a ministry, and that as we consider planting on other campuses in the DFW area, God grants us wisdom in these tough decisions!

Thank you so much for joining me in this journey so far! I pray that God pours out his joy, peace, and hope in your hearts for this new year!


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