God, you keep on getting better!

The summer is here! I hope that you all are enjoying the summer weather and staying hydrated. I have a handful of new ministry partners that are joining my team, so a warm welcome to every one of you who just joined!

At the beginning of May, we had our end of year party right before the students took their finals, and it was so much fun! We got to honor the students who served our community through being on the sound team, the worship team, and our setup team for our fellowship nights. We also got to honor our core facilitators and all of the hard work that they did this past year to lead their fellow peers and students to Christ!

One of my roommates, Jessica, got baptized this month! It has been an absolute joy to live with her this past year and to get to know her story. Jessica has been a huge testament of what it means to trust in Jesus through difficult situations and grief. I have witnessed her turn her experiences into a testimony that glorifies God and is of great comfort to those going through similar situations. She is currently studying abroad in the Czech Republic, so please keep her in your prayers–that she would find a Christ-like community there and that God would keep her safe in this new environment!

This month we went to SICM! SICM is an annual training that we take students with leadership potential every year, and it was incredible! From my small group this year, we had the opportunity to take three of our core girls with us and they had an amazing time. Throughout the week, they kept sharing all of the things that God was teaching them. One of my students expressed that God was showing her this week that He can move through her even in all of her weaknesses which often stop her from telling others about Jesus. Another student shared that they had thought that only people who had a lot of free time could do ministry, but that God was showing them that a true disciple creates time in their lives to do God’s work, and incorporates Him in things they are already doing.

During our time at SICM, me and a few girls were able to stay at a ministry house in Bellingham. I got to meet Johana, a fellow latina doing the internship with Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF). Throughout the week, we got to know each other and it was so fun getting to lift one another up as we shared our experiences in ministry as latina women. It was a bit surreal being back in Washington for SICM as a staff member after going as a student in 2018. I never would have pictured myself then doing campus ministry as a full-time job, but God has a funny way of surprising us when we trust Him!

This summer I am fundraising for these next 4 years of doing ministry at UTD! I am currently at 66% of my goal, and I am really hoping to be at 100% by the end of July. Please keep me in your prayers, and if you have any people that you know that would be encouraged to know what God is doing in ministry please let me know. I would love to reach out to them and share!


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