Seeing God's goodness!

Hello ministry partners! Can you believe it’s almost August? This summer has flown by!

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind. I have been up and down between Richardson and San Antonio, taking care of my mom and trying to get things in order at home with my family. It has been difficult and I have had to initiate some tough but necessary conversations with my family, so here is an update on things! My mom will be continuing cancer treatment despite the painful side effects of the medication since it is preventing the cancer from spreading further. My brother will be moving to Houston for architecture school, which leaves my dad at home with my mom. It will be difficult for him to be the main caretaker, so I will be going down there in the next couple of weeks to organize a system where my aunts and members of our church can rotate taking meals and visiting my mom. Please be praying for this season of transition. It can be difficult to be away from my family, but I know that God will provide people to take care of my mom and that will bring me lots of peace of mind as I continue ministry here.
This summer we have been having conversations with the students that have shown leadership potential and encouraging them to step into core facilitator roles for this next year. It takes some time for students to think and pray through this decision, but we have now finished building our leader team for this next year and I am very excited about the women that have accepted the invitation to lead!

This past month, I have seen two of my students, Portia and Savannah, step into growth areas and I am so proud of them for trusting God and allowing him to move in their lives! Portia and I have been meeting up during the summer over FaceTime and going through some leadership discussions where I am giving her some tools that she will be using this next year as she leads core. She has been diligent in learning and has been getting excited to come back to Dallas and meet students that she will have the opportunity to share the gospel with. Portia has mentioned that she is an introvert and that being in lots of social settings can be overwhelming at times, but that she is starting to mentally prepare for the fall now! Haha, please keep her in your prayers as the semester comes to a start, that she would remember that God is the one who works through our weaknesses and gives us strength!

Savannah, who has been here in town this summer, has taken initiative to gather a group of girls who gets together to read Scripture and have discussions about the reading. Savannah has mentioned being nervous about not being ready enough to lead core because she feels like she does not know enough Scripture. However, I have been encouraging her to remember that God does not call the equipped, he equips the called, and that she has a community around her and our pastors who are ready to guide her in this new leap of faith. Please be praying for Savannah, that she would be so dependant on God this year that his light would shine through her and bring life to everyone she interacts with on campus!

Another student that has been very encouraging to me this summer has been my friend Paul Micus. He and I have been sending mail to one another over the summer because he has been working at a summer camp as a camp director where he does not really have much access to the internet. He has been studying the Bible one on one with some of the camp counselors and has been doing an amazing job at helping them see a bigger purpose for their time at camp as they get to be a source of God’s light to the kids who attend the camp. I am so excited for him to come back and to see the areas God has grown Paul this summer, especially knowing that God will continue to guide him as he leads core this year. I am so proud of him and I know God is too!

As the summer comes to a close, our staff team has been working really hard to get our welcome week events organized and planned as we welcome students to campus. We want each student who steps onto campus to encounter Jesus on a personal level, and that takes a lot of intentional planning! Please pray for us as we brainstorm ways to meet students and invite them into a relationship with Jesus, and that as August comes around, God would give us the energy that we need to make things happen. It’s going to be an awesome year!

Thank you so much for all of your support, I am so excited to be sharing some of the stories from welcome week!! God is so good!



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